“Thirty five years in clinical practice proves it. You can:

“Earn More. Work Less. Establish Your Expertise.
Design the Practice that Serves You.”

“If you are trapped working long hours, being rushed to see patients, and having third parties dictate how you run your practice, and you want to get away from that, then you are in the right place.

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From the Desk of:
Anthony Kane, MD

Did you ever think it would happen? I didn’t.

I remember as a third year medical student back in the 80’s how the old time docs were complaining that new DRGs, the HMOs, and the insurance companies were going to dominate and eventually control the way we practice medicine.

Thirty five years ago, I had no idea what they were talking about. I do now. I see it all around me. Many of us live it. A lot of us feel trapped. And many of our younger colleagues have never known anything else.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You control everything about your practice when you control your patient flow.

And you control your patient flow with strategic marketing and smart practice management.

The words you use matter.

Your words on your website, your words on your blog, your words in your emails… even the words you and your staff use when speaking with your patients.

With the proper words, used in the proper way you can:

  • Work fewer hours
  • Make more money
  • Have more time for your family
  • Establish your authority
  • Increase your prestige among your peers
  • Become the obvious expert in your community
  • Expand your referral network
  • Escape reliance and the dictates of insurance executives
  • Gain access to only the types of patients that you wish to serve and send away the rest
  • Reduce or eliminate the risk of malpractice suits

  • How can you use your words to help you?

    You are busy. You have so little time. There is so much more pressure. And it only seems to be getting worse.

  • Use your words to attract new clients.
  • Use your words to demonstrate your expertise.
  • Use your words to strengthen your personal connection with your patients.

  • But you will need three things:

    1- You need a web site to attract new patients.

    2- You need an active blog to post informative articles that are easy to understand and establish your expertise.

    3- You need an email list and email sequences to develop a personal connection with your patients;
    the kind of connection you would like to have if you had more time.

    You need these. You cannot afford to be without them.

    With your website, you will selectively attract only the type of new patients that you wish to have in your practice.

    With your emails, you will connect with your patients and they will see that you care.

    With your articles and blog posts, you will show your knowledge and showcase those techniques and procedures that will expand your practice. You will get referrals, make more money, and attract the types of patients you wish to serve.

    Your potential patients and your medical peers will see your expertise. For your peers, you will become their go-to referral. For your patients, they will see that you can soothe their worry and solve their problems.

    And there is nothing more frightening for your patient than the unknown.

    When you make things clear and easy to understand for your patient you show more than your expertise. You show that you care. You become your patient’s protector and your patient’s friend.

    A well-written web site, a blog, and an email list-

    They are not optional. Every health care professional needs to have them to be competitive and remain relevant in today’s environment.

    You must have them.

    And what else can your words do for you?

    Your words can protect you from malpractice suits.

    So this is what you can have when you know how to use words:

    Your words said at the proper time, in the proper way will reduce or eliminate the risk of lawsuits. Not just your words, but the words of your staff.

    And not just their words, but the words you get your patient to say.

    And it is easy to get your patients to say those words, once you know how.

    I know this to be true. I have been a physician for 35 years. I have never been sued. I have never been involved in a case where anyone has been sued.

    More Money – More Time with Your Family – Fewer Working Hours –

    More Prestige – More Control Over Your Practice – More Freedom from Litigation

    Does this sound like it takes a lot of time? It does.

    And that is time that you don’t have.

    Still you can have it all. Everything here is possible.

    But you need a specialist.

    You need someone who knows how to talk to patients and understands their fears. Someone who will show them that you are the solution to all of their concerns.

    You need someone who knows health care delivery and patient care from the inside.

    That is where I come in to help you.


    Why work with me:

    My name is Anthony Kane MD. I have been a physician for 35 years and have created websites, and written blogs, articles, and email sequences for the health care industry since 2003.

    There is so much confusion in health care today. So much noise.

    Drug ads, TV experts, health-related class action suits, well-meaning friends and relatives offering their “unique” solutions. Patients are bombarded daily with inaccurate, incomplete, sometimes dangerous information, which only serves to scare and confuse.

    Your patients need clarity. The type of clarity that comes with correct information from a reliable source. You should be that source.

    As a physician for 35 years, one of the main things I have provided for my patients is simplicity and clarity.

    When you make things clear and easy to understand for your patient, you show more than your expertise. You show that you care. You become your patient’s protector and your patient’s friend.


    Patients sue experts. Patients do not sue friends.

    You need someone with a thorough understanding of medicine and years of patient contact. Someone who can simplify medical ideas in a way that is informative, easy to understand, reassuring, and not condescending.

    Sure, you could do this yourself. But is that really the best use of your time – time you don’t have?

    That is where I come in. I save you time. I increase patient trust. I make you look good.


    For Healthcare Companies

    If your target market is health care providers:

    I am one.

    You can’t do better than have your content and sales materials written by a copywriter who is in your target audience.


    What You Get- services and price ranges:

    There are a lot of options here.

    Web Content:

    Your website is your face to the world. I will create your main pages, designed to attract new patients and showcase your expertise.

    Everything is written and formatted so that it is easy to read and optimized for the search engines so that prospective clients will easily find you online.

    Beginning at $2500



    Original, informative, and well researched written with your audience in mind.

    I will write for you well-researched articles and blog posts that will educate and inform so that you establish your expertise with your clients and your peers.

    You can publish these on your web site, in local magazines, or submit them to article sharing sites so that they can be widely distributed on the internet.

    From $300-$1200


    Blog Posts:

    Written specifically for your patients. These showcase your expertise and support the services you deliver in your practice.

    All are search engine optimized to maximize your exposure and attract new patients.

    From $300-$1200


    Email Sequences:

    Convert prospects to clients. Maintain your connection with your patients. Show your patients how you can improve their lives.

    I will develop and execute an email marketing strategy that allows you to connect with your patients on a personal level.

    We develop the strategy that fits your needs.

    Beginning at $2500 for a series of 10 (because anything less – why bother?)


    Practice Enhancement Packages:


    The Brisbane Model:

  • Want to double your income while cutting your hours in half?
  • Do you want only the best high paying patients who are a pleasure to work with?
  • Do you want to get up in the morning excited to go to the office?
  • Do you want your staff so loyal that they will turn down higher paying opportunities just so they can work with you?
  • The Brisbane Model can do this for you.

    Plus, this model is so counterintuitive that no other professional in your area will even dare to copy you.

    Priced on a case by case basis


    The Practice Enhancement System

    With a few simple changes, that cost almost nothing, you can:

  • Streamline your patient flow.
  • Reduce or eliminate the threat of malpractice suits.
  • Demonstrate to your patients that you value them.
  • Enhance your prestige.
  • Have your patients shower you with praise – in public.
  • Working with your staff, I will show them what to say and when to say it. It will take them no time to do and it will enhance patient satisfaction immensely.

    Plus, your staff will be happier.

    Priced on a case by case basis


    Become the Standout Expert with Your Own Book

    It does not matter if you want to be the number one professional in your area or you want to create a national reputation. There is one thing that the top person has in every field. That is his or her own book.

    Whether it is with your patients or your peers, when they see your book you enter a new realm. Your book will open doors for you that others can never enter. You will get access to radio interviews, television appearances, and celebrity recognition and status.

    Your book will make you the expert that others think of first when it comes time to refer their patients.

    You are the best. And as the best you can charge top dollar for your services and everyone will expect that.

    Plus, it will not take a lot of your time to produce. All you will need to do is make time for two or three conversations and you will have a well written, well-referenced book in your hand that showcases your knowledge and elevates your status above anyone who is not a published author.

    Are you ready to soar to a new level?

    Priced starting from three payments of $5000 each.


    Do You Know What Else You Can Get- What You May Never Thought was Possible?

    Would you like to have a passive income that brings in money even on days that you are not working?

    Even when you are on vacation?

    I can help you take what you know and develop a suite of information products that will bring you a passive income that may match or replace what you are currently earning.

    Plus, I will develop and execute a marketing plan. It will be automated to maximize what you earn from your knowledge and you will not need to do anything.

    Imagine the freedom you will have when your income does not depend upon you getting up and going to work every day.

    I have been leveraging the power of the internet to create and sell health-related information products since 2003.

    Price varies according to the project: (but you will make back the cost in profits- guaranteed).


    As you see there are a lot of options and a lot of opportunities.

    Ready to discuss this?

    Contact me. We’ll set up a time to talk.


    My time is limited so email me now.


    Anthony Kane, MD

    P. S. Obviously, there is no way I can serve everyone who needs me.

    To qualify for my next available opening we will need to talk.

    Contact me now. We’ll talk soon.

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