How to Market Your Practice Using Video-Part 2

What is Very Good

The Topic:

In this  video a cardiologist speaking about high blood pressure. Note: He calls it high blood pressure, not hypertension. 

This topic is an excellent choice. A lot of people have high blood pressure so it resonates with them. Nearly all of his prospective cardiology patients have high blood pressure so he is speaking directly to his target audience about a problem each of them has.

The Title:

How to lower BP by 20 mmHg naturally 

This is a great title with a great promise. The title claims if you watch this video you will know how to reduce your blood pressure without medication. More than that, the claim is specific:  20 mmHg, no drugs. The title alone was enough to get me to stop what I was doing and watch the video.

The Information:

Everything he said was easy to understand. He gave very clear instructions on how to execute his advice and was very specific on the results you should expect. 

I believe him. Do I know he is telling the truth? Not at all. Maybe when I test what he says I’ll find out that he is completely wrong and nothing he says works. 

But I didn’t test it. Most people watching will never test it. But he was very specific. He told me in real numbers what results  I can expect. Because he was so specific,  I believe him.

The Delivery:

This is the least important, but I want to give him credit. He looks good, he sounds good, and he is very personable. You don’t need to be as polished as he is. You may not attract 225,000 subscribers like he has. But the people you want, your target audience, will be very forgiving if you give them actionable information that helps them. He does that. This is the reason he has 225,000 subscribers. 

What Was Not So Good:

I have no cardiologist. I am of the age where it might be a good idea to get a cardiologist. I am impressed with this doctor. I believe what he says and I think he knows what he is talking about. I like his demeanor.  

So how do I contact him? There is no contact information. I can’t call him. I can’t email him.  He said his name very quickly in the first few seconds of the video. If I didn’t already know his name from other videos, I would have missed it.   

If you go to his Youtube page, there are ways to contact him there, but they are very hidden. There is a little York Cardiology button in the upper right hand side of the page. Also, if you go to the About section and you scroll to the bottom you can figure out how to contact him. 

Finding out how to contact him takes a lot of effort and it took me a while to figure it out. This is a big mistake. Don’t make it hard for patients to find you.

No Call to Action:

When I am done watching this video what should I do next? Well, if he doesn’t tell me to call for an appointment or go online to schedule a consultation I am going to forget about what he said and go watch cat videos. Your videos need a call to action. Tell your listeners what to do next. The people who need you will listen.

I have no idea what the doctor’s intention was when he made this video. If it was to promote his practice this video is a failure.

Perhaps his intention was entirely altruistic. He wanted to provide free information as a public service. 

Even if this is the case, there is nothing more altruistic than giving people who need help a path to get that help. If you are an expert, and I assume you are, then the best thing you can do to help people who need you is to make yourself available. That means tell them to contact you and tell them how. 

Do you think I got this right?

Am I missing something?

Please comment below. 

How to Market Your Practice Using Video-Part 2

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