Creating Content Using None of Your Time

Here is an idea you can use immediately, especially since you are doing this already.

How often do you explain a condition or a procedure to your patients? Is there ever a day that you don’t do this? This is how to make those conversations build your practice, attract new patients, grow your online reputation, and save you loads of time with your future patients. The best part is that it will not take any of your time to execute.

Here is how it works:

Let’s say you are an ophthalmologist and you have a patient who needs cataract surgery. You will spend some time with the patient explaining the problem and the procedure. Your patient will probably have a few questions and you answer them. Sometime later in the day you will have another patient that needs cataract surgery and you will repeat the process. You do this over and over again during the week. 

I recommend one slight modification in this scenario. Record the conversations. Explain to your patients that you are doing this to help your other patients understand the condition and procedure. Explain that their information will be kept confidential, their voices will not be used and their identities protected. 

Ask for their permission to record the conversation. Some will say no. Most will say yes. 

So you have the same conversation you always have. You record the conversation. And now your part is done. 

How much extra time did that take you? None. But it is going to save you loads of time.

Here is what happens next. You hand off the recording to someone else; either a staff member or an outsourcer to manage the process.  

The recording gets transcribed. It is edited so that it reads well, but stays in your voice. Now you have one or several articles about cataract surgery. These articles get posted to your website and article sharing sites. You also send them to your email subscribers.

The transcript is then turned into slides. Your team member creates powerpoint videos and syncs them with your recording.  Now you have videos to post on Youtube and other video sites. You also have slides to post on slide sharing sites and a video for your blog.  

Your team takes the audios and creates a podcast which can be housed on iTunes and other podcast sites. The videos are posted on video podcast sites.

If you have a Facebook group your videos and articles can go there. There are other things you can do with this, but this should give you an idea.

What you are doing is casting a wide net. All these places point back to your website establishing your authority, enhancing your reputation, and attracting new patients to your practice. 

Here is how you save time.

You may have a television in your waiting room. Rather than playing CNN or whatever else you play, stream your videos. Place the videos on your website. 

When someone calls your office and is put on hold, instead of playing elevator music have a recording of the audios you made. In fact, if you control the elevator you should play it there, too. 

Now your cataract patients can read about the procedure on your blog. They can watch videos about the procedure on Youtube or your blog. They will hear you talk about the procedure while waiting on the phone to make an appointment. They will see the videos in your waiting room. 

Most of your patients will not do all of those things, but many of them will do some of them. That means they will hear you explain the procedure several times before you ever see them. You will spend less time explaining the procedure and less time answering questions. That means more time for you to use however you see fit. 

And how much extra time did it take you for your part? Essentially, none. You are just doing what you normally do every day, but recording some of the conversations and using them in a way that helps you immensely.

You may choose to expand or modify this process. You can film yourself speaking. Instead of using your own voice have a voice talent say the script. 

This is a very simple way to massively increase your online presence, build your authority, attract new patients, and save time.

Creating Content Using None of Your Time

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