About me

Who I am


My name is Anthony Kane, MD. I am a freelance medical copywriter and content provider for the healthcare industry.

Your Patients Need You

There is so much confusion in health care today. So much noise.

Drug ads, TV experts, health-related class action suits, well-meaning friends and relatives offering their “unique” solutions. Patients are bombarded daily with inaccurate, incomplete, sometimes dangerous information, which only serves to scare and confuse.

Your patients need simplicity and clarity. The type of clarity that comes with correct information from a reliable source. You need to be that source.

Why I am Different

As a physician for 35 years, one of the main things I have provided for my patients is simplicity and clarity.

That is why I know I can help you. I know how patients think.

As a doctor, I have spent thousands of patient contact hours explaining complex ideas and calming fears. As a writer, I have expressed these ideas in websites, in a book, in blogs posts, in articles, and in email sequences. I have been writing for the health care industry since 2003.

How I Will Help You

You need someone with a thorough understanding of medicine and years of patient contact. Someone who can simplify medical ideas in a way that is informative, easy to understand, reassuring, and not condescending.

Sure, you could do this yourself. But is that really the best use of your time – time you don’t have?

That is where I come in. I save you time. I increase patient trust. I make you look good.

Ready to talk? Email me and we can get started on developing a strategy that will build patient trust, make you the obvious expert, and save you time.

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Anthony Kane, MD

P S When you make things clear and easy to understand for your patient, you show more than your expertise. You show that you care. You become your patient’s protector. You become your patient’s friend.


Patients sue experts. Patients do not sue friends.

I can help you show your patients that you care.